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Unmatched radioactive waste management.

Navigating the complexity and associated costs of disposing of radioactive waste can be challenging.  TMMC has been helping environmentally conscious companies handle their radioactive waste materials for decades. 

Our team brings knowledge, experience, integrity, outstanding service, and an array of proprietary, licensed processes designed to make the management of your waste streams effortless, safe, and cost-effective.

Contact TMMC today.

Your trusted partner in radioactive waste management.

Committed to service excellence.

Experience the gold standard for your radioactive waste needs with TMMC.

Radioactive Waste Management

We offer solutions for clients that generate an array of radioactive waste.  Whether you have large contaminated equipment, or low-level waste, including PPE, we have the processes, analytics, knowledge, experience to help you manage your waste.  

Superior Processing 

Choose TMMC for reliable radioactive waste management services with versatile processing, disposal, and recycling options.

Cross-Sector Industry Expertise

Our clients include nuclear power plants, military branches, universities & research facilities, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical companies.  For all your radioactive waste needs, we prioritize safety, value, responsible recycling and reuse practices.

Effortless Process

Our purpose is to make the management of your waste streams an effortless process. We focus on providing a broad array of simple, cost-effective waste management options.  Our uncompromising commitment to exceptional service is what sets us apart from other providers.  

Trusted partner in radioactive waste management.

Circular Economy Philosophy

We recycle materials and equipment used in radioactive environments by separating contaminants and focusing on free release of non-contaminated materials and reuse of contaminated materials in other nuclear industry applications.

Proven Performance

TMMC offers decades of experience in radioactive waste management. Our track record spans millions of pounds of recycled Rad-waste materials and equipment for a diverse client base including DOE, commercial and educational nuclear facilities

Diverse Recycling Solutions

TMMC provides cost-effective waste processing and disposal options. Our processes are designed and controlled to identify and isolate waste, so it can be consolidated and directed to the lowest-cost licensed disposal facility available.

TMMC strives to support our community and our valued customers, as together, we partner in a commitment to a cleaner, safer world.

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