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Manage your waste materials by choosing the people who provide the best environmental stewardship. 

Each of our senior management team members represent decades of experience in the nuclear and radioactive waste industry. TMMC supports our many clients in various industries that generate radioactive waste.  Our mission is to manage radioactive waste effectively and responsibly, simply, and cost-effectively. But most importantly, we strive to protect our communities and to maintain and protect our environment.  With a focus on exceptional service, knowledge and support for our valued customer, together we partner in a commitment to a cleaner, safer world. 

Our flexible array of services are designed to meet our customer's complex needs, and, ultimately, to minimize waste, conserve resources and burial capacities.

Our unique recycling concept and proprietary processes are designed to minimize or eliminate high-cost disposal volumes, and to provide opportunity for lower cost regulated and licensed disposal. 

Our focus is on the free release of non-contaminated materials and reuse of contaminated materials in other applications within the nuclear industry. 

This unique screening process minimizes disposal volumes, eliminates cost of disposal for free released material at licensed disposal facilities, and greatly reduces disposal cost associated with operations or nuclear decommissioning. 

Circular Economy Philosophy
Committed to a cleaner, safer world

TMMC supports efforts to maintain our environment and support our customer’s commitment to a cleaner, safer world. We provide the following services to minimize waste and conserve resources and burial capacities

  • Reuse/Recycle

  • Decontamination

  • Survey for Release – Unconditional and Conditional

  • HEPA Ventilation Units and Vacuum Refurbishment/DOP testing

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