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We create the best radioactive waste management programs that work for your team and your organization. 

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We understand the complexity, commitment, effort and expense you commit to managing your company's radioactive materials and waste. Our practices, procedures and processes have been finetuned and established over many years of research and experience to support your efforts in a timely, cost-effective and environmentally conscious manner. 

Manage your radioactive waste by choosing the people who provide the best knowledge, service and environmental stewardship.

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Radioactive Waste Processing
Radioactive Waste Processing

Radioactive waste is an ever-present byproduct of nuclear power generation and other nuclear technology, such as research, medicine and other industries. Management of radioactive waste is an essential part of a responsible radioactive waste management system. TMMC is your best choice in selecting a partner to complete your radioactive waste management program.


TMMC is fully licensed and has the processes, experience, facility, staff and resources to accept and manage all types of low-level radioactive waste, from small radioactive sources, to large nuclear reactor components and everything in between.


TMMC has the knowledge and established processes to safely and economically handle your radioactive waste needs. Whether you are disposing waste from your operations, decommissioning activity or discarding materials for recycle or reuse, TMMC can support your needs. TMMC accepts and manages all types of low-level radioactive wastes generated from nuclear power plants, pharmaceutical facilities, research centers, manufacturers and decommissioning activities.


TMMC has carefully developed sophisticated systems, processes and controls necessary to safely and responsibly manage radioactive wastes while ensuring our customers get the most value for their chosen waste management options.

Management options and diverse waste management solutions

Our processes segregate and optimize volumes for disposal in the most cost-effective manner for our clients:

  • Sort and Segregate (S2)

  • Waste Volume Reduction Packaging and Disposal

  • Liquid Processing

  • Sealed Source Disposal

  • Spent Liquid Processing Media

  • Bulk Survey For Release (BSFR)


We provide the following services to minimize waste and conserve resources and burial capacities:

  • Recycle/Reuse

  • Decontamination

  • Survey for Release – Unconditional and Conditional

  • HEPA Ventilation Units and Vacuum Refurbishment/DOP testing

Logistics Support Services

For your radioactive materials transport, we offer our clients comprehensive consultative services and referrals for all your radioactive waste shipping needs.  TMMC can guide your organization to make sure that all materials are properly and safely handled, packaged, labeled and shipped.  If you require carrier resources, we can refer knowledgeable, licensed, permitted haulers that ensure your shipments are compliant, safe and meet all intrastate and interstate requirements.  

Optional Value-Added Services

Managing your radioactive waste can be challenging at times.  We offer a variety of added services and streamlined options to meet your varied needs.  Our infrastructure, analytical equipment and infrastructure enable us to offer clients these ancillary services and management options:

  • Lease Processing Space 

    • Equipment

    • Containers

  • Storage of Asset Radioactive Material

  • Radioactive Material Shipping Support Services 

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