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TMMC is dedicated to making your radioactive waste management an effortless process. 

For our valued TMMC clients, our focus is to make administration, fulfillment, and management of your radioactive simple and compliant. 

Below are some forms for you to download or reference. If you need anything else or have questions, please don't hesitate to call and speak to one of our knowledgeable and friendly specialists at 865-482-5532



Advanced shipment notification form

Prior to shipping any radioactive materials to TMMC, it is mandatory to submit this form.


RAM License

Copy of TMMC's State of Tennessee Radioactive Materials License R-01037-J26

Non-Standard Material Acceptance

This form is intended for generators who need to ship non-standard items such as cardboard packages, items greater than Class A waste, and other similar materials.

QA Manual

Copy of TMMC's Quality Assurance Manual

Material Acceptance Criteria

Provides detailed criteria for the acceptance of radioactive material and radioactive waste for storage or processing at TMMC.



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Your days and nights will be less anxious. 

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