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We've been helping environmentally conscious companies manage their radioactive waste materials for decades.

Responsibly.  Simply.  Safely. 

TMMC is a premier radioactive waste processing facility for materials and equipment previously used in a radioactive environment. 

Our purpose is to make the management of your waste streams an effortless process. We focus on providing a broad array of simple, cost-effective waste management options.  Our uncompromising commitment to exceptional service is what sets us apart from other providers.  

Customer Service Excellence

Our multiple proprietary processing capabilities allow you to choose the most cost-effective solution, and to support your mission with respect to environmental stewardship.  Our array of offerings and options to best manage your radioactive waste are comprehensive, and we create the best program that works for your team and your organization.  

When you put your trust in TMMC, you'll find a partner that is fully committed to exceptional service.  We strive to make your job easier and more productive.  

Proven track record in sustainable waste management solutions.

With decades of team experience managing radioactive contaminated materials and waste, our knowledge, skilled team, proprietary processes and focus on results-oriented sustainable options drive us to utilize best practices and to continually refine, innovate and strive for excellence.  With a focus on the circular economy, TMMC has successfully and responsibly reused and recycled millions of pounds of contaminated lead, non-ferrous metal, steel, and equipment for the DOE.

With a focus on servicing the unique needs of a diverse industry, including commercial, educational, pharmaceutical and nuclear facilities, our ability to support our clients, offer an array of services and management options speaks to our leadership and legacy of proven performance in the nuclear waste industry.  

Call TMMC today.

Your trusted partner in radioactive waste management.

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