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Our entire team has a commitment to environmental safety.

TMMC's Waste Management Specialists represent decades of hands-on experience in the radiological/nuclear waste arena. Each project and account is carefully supervised by one of our knowledgeable and service-oriented Waste Management team. Continuing education and staying abreast of new technologies, requirements, and analytics that may improve our programs and the future of our planet is top of mind.

Indeed, the safety of our valued employees and customers is our top priority.  We strive to protect our customers' best interests, while we jointly are focused on the best outcome for the environment.  This commitment is shared by our entire team.  From strict compliance and accountability to proper PPE, adherence to all safety regulations, and strict procedures for our team, every step is managed responsibly, to minimize environmental and safety risks and maintain a safe operating environment for all.


No matter what type of radiological waste materials you need assistance with, our processes and procedures are designed with both the environment in mind, as well as the safety and well-being of our staff, our clients, and our community.  

Alan Duff

General Manager


Office-865-482-5532 X5

Robb Merkel

Radiation Safety Manager

Cell- 423-310-893
0Office- 865-482-5532 X8

Greg Kirk

Quality Assurance Manager

Cell- 865-567-0168

Office 865-482-5532 X6

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